IELTS One to One Tutorial Courses at Lord Byron School. 
Established in 1987, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get!


Why choose Lord Byron?

1. We have been preparing IELTS candidates for more than thirty years. There are hundreds of satisfied students.

2. Our academic staff is qualified, experienced & professional. 

3. We help you know your exact level, your weak & strong points through a knowledge test even before you enroll.

4. We have created our own material for additional practicing & testing. 

5. We have always been very honest & direct with our students.

6. We show you the way & explain how to feel confident with the English language and the test itself.

7. We offer personalized help & support to cover your exact needs.

8. We teach you thoroughly useful material & knowledge on how to achieve a high score and face the difficulties of the test.

9. We explain in detail extremely well what you have to do & how to do it.

10. We respect your valuable time & at the end you realize that you got far more than your money’s-worth.


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or send an email to :