Basic Training for Teaching Foreign Languages (TFL)

Duration six weeks – 4 hours / week

Start your new TFL career!


This comprehensive course is designed for individuals with no previous experience in

teaching a foreign language. It is designed for prospective teachers of foreign

languages who wish begin in a new career in language-teaching. It is also useful for

experienced teachers with no formal training in language-teaching methodology who

desire to improve not only their skills but also effectiveness as a teacher.

The course content is based on modern, humanistic  proven teaching methodology

and approaches. It includes modules on understanding the role of the teacher in the

classroom, lesson planning, integrating skills-work into the lesson, designing practice

and production tasks, teaching grammar, vocabulary  functional language

expression, using materials resources. The course also includes a focus on the

psychology of learning, motivation and classroom management.

Although this course is delivered in English, it’s approach is suitable for teaching any

foreign language. The course also serves as a stepping stone into undertaking more

formal foreign language teaching qualifications.


Course delivered by: Jay Schwartz

Geared by: Lord Byron School