How to speak English Fluently & Confidently!

7 Golden Rules to RESPECT.

1.     Keep “your” ears & eyes open listening & watching English radio & TV programmes on a daily basis.

2.     Read a paragraph from a newspaper, magazine or book & create “your” own simple but correct sentences.

3.     Listen, Speak, Read, Write & Repeat till it becomes a regular habit for “you”.

4.     Try to make “your” mirror “your” best friend. Speak to it in English. Describe yourself, explain “your” weak & strong points, tell it a simple, short story. Ask it questions ( Does he..? Yes, he does.. No, he doesn’t…)

5.     Learn new verbs & prepositional structures every day and use them immediately in a context to feel confident about its usage especially when “you” speak to your mirror or you talk to “your” friends.

6.     Keep calm & do not worry that much about grammar & syntax. Do not try to translate from your mother tongue. It will make “you” feel confident about the way “you” speak.

7.     Practice, practice till it makes “you” perfect & “you” start with believing in “yourself” that “you” can make it.

Always remember: “Where bees are, there is honey

Best wishes for every success!


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